A Relatable Childhood

A reporter once asked me to share some examples of “off-grid” living that make life a little more interesting at the Lost Trail Lodge.  Until then, I hadn’t considered our life to be more interesting or that different than those in town.  I mean, we’re the typical American family- raising 2 children, along with our 2 dogs and 2 cats.  (Well, now one dog, and one cat- cycle of life, an all…)


Upon consideration of the question, though, it began to dawn on me that we are experiencing a unique lifestyle.  I thought back to the time when we were out on the trail during a snowstorm and I fell off the snowmobile into a frozen pond, 2 miles from home, and had to rush home before hypothermia set in.  Kiely was able to step off the snowmobile and only got wet above her boots and below her knees, where the water level was.  Luckily I had extra dry clothes with us for her to put on.  When we got home and were getting into the bath, Kiely saw my back, red with cold and covered in sticks and mud. “Oh Mommy! I had no idea you are so brave. I would have been crying if I were you.” She was five.
More recently, we were in town and the unplanned situation arose which the kids and I had to walk home from our winter parking area.  A man at the trailhead commented that it was a FAR way to go, to which
Shepard replied, “It’s a beautiful day for a walk.” He’s four.  At one point or another, both of my children have made that same declaration when faced with the reality that we’d be walking home; that it’s a beautiful day for a walk.  So many people joke about walking to school uphill both ways in a snowstorm when they were kids… With Kiely and Shepard, that story will be as close to the truth as possible.
When my dear friend found out that I was pregnant with Shepard, she was thrilled that Kiely would have someone to relate to.  I guess most 7 year olds don’t have their own snowmobiles, most babies don’t ride in snowcats to get to town, and most people have a difficult time recognizing the beauty of a day when they suddenly realize they’ll be walking 4 miles to get home.

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