Mother’s Day

Mothers Day Musings…
We are fortunate to be among the children who count our mothers as blessings in our life. We have been lifted by their strength, calmed by their undying love, and felt their praise as warm as the sun’s rays. They are truly worthy of every appreciation set aside for them on this day.
There are other mothers who are equally worthy, though; mothers who have suffered miscarriages, mothers who have had to make difficult decisions about adoption, step mothers, aunties, single dads, gay dads, friends, mentors, teachers, nature. We also are fortunate to celebrate our relationships with these mothers, and feel no need for distinction.
So today, we celebrate all mothers, regardless of your official title. For our auntie who sends us love in the mail, and the teachers who taught us to think our own thoughts, for the dads who carry the load, and for nature who has given us sanctity, we are grateful for you all. May you continue to feel love and receive love, today and always.

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