Lost Trail Lodge

Events & Specials


 From far and wide. 

To buy the last of the IPA and snag all the good parking spots. 

 Tens of thousands of them. 

 Ready to hit the slopes 

 Choke the roads

 And box in the most dangerous place of all: the Safeway check out  line

 Sticking your head in the snow won’t make them disappear

 Shop as early as you can, but we all know your beer won’t last  through the new year.

 You can try to leave your Jones board or Coalition skis on their  racks in the garage for a couple weeks, but you’ll get itchy by  day 3. Okay, hour 3. 

 You’re gonna need an escape plan. 






A route your 

dog can navigate, 

Where you’ll leave your burdens at the trailhead

One that involves quiet sanctuary 

Where the only lines are the fresh tracks you just left on the hill

You’re gonna need the Lost Trail Lodge

 And we’re here for you. When the crowds get to be too much. When you just can’t take any more traffic. When you need a dose of true  holiday spirit. For a night . Maybe two. You voted us Best of Tahoe/Truckee for this reason. 

Ready to make your great escape? Call or Email today. 530-320-9268 Info@losttraillodge.com. (we’d put a contact button here, but I don’t know how to!)