Lost? You’re not the only one! There are no signs pointing to the Lost Trail Lodge, except, maybe this one

The last 4 miles to the lodge is not country maintained or lit. If you arrive after dark, it’s very easy to get lost, especially in the winter during a storm. The Innkeepers cannot assist you once you’re on the trail, so be sure to have a good map and sense of where you’re heading before you leave the paved road.

Google Maps has an accurate location and will track your progress through the canyon. Apple Maps and Siri won’t bring you here. You will be lost in another canyon.

Want to bring your sled to the lodge? The best way to get here is from the Cabin Creek Trailhead. The trail isn’t marked, but the Strava map should help you find us. 6 miles from trailhead to lodge. No RR tracks to cross.